My First

I became a stay at home mom when Josie was two.

We did everything together.  Just the two of us.

After two years of constant togetherness, Gabriel came on the scene.

And the intentional time I had with just Josie became small to nonexistent.

We make it a priority for Andrew to take her on little dates every month.  Written on the calendar in ink. 

Which is serious business.

But I decided that I wanted in on the one on one time with my first tiny love.

So after her dentist appointment last week, we stole away for a few extra hours and had ourselves a Mommy Daughter Date.

We celebrated her continued membership of The Cavity Free Club with sugary iced lemon pound cake and hot chocolates at Starbucks.

We talked about all sorts of interesting 5 year old things.

And she told me she was having a good time no less then 25 times.

After our treat, I decided I wasn't quite ready to share her with Andrew or Gabriel yet so we headed over to the bookstore.  

I let her pick out a billion books and we just camped out on the floor reading and trying to decide which one to add to her collection.

My Little Pony won in the end. 

Under $10 for a morning that I hope I never forget.

I love this child and hadn't realized how much I missed getting to spend time with just her.  It was awesome.

It's crazy what you hear when you ditch the agenda and to do list and simply follow their lead and really, really listen to them.  

Josie's a pretty funny kid.

I went home and added Date With Mommy to the calendar.

In ink.


ShanMall said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I miss bookstore/Starbucks dates with my kids! We used to do it all the time!!

Heather said...

We lve gettin our read on, especially when mama has a cuo of Joe! Be blessed ladies;)

The Gambrel Family said...

Very sweet! I love this idea and think we will have to start this tradition in our house.

Lanie Beth said...

This is adorable! Love it!

Mommy Girl said...

precious! it's so important to take that time!

sarah said...

So awesome! I just had a mommy/son date with my 5 year old for the same reason! Glad y'all enjoyed yourselves. :)

MnM said...

What a beautiful post! Love it! Hope your next mommy/daughter date is just as fabulous! :)

Jessica said...

I adore my one on one dates with my kids. So happy you had this time.

kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

love the pictures!!! spent a little time reading your story.. you are SUCH an inspiration!! thanks for stopping by to leave me a sweet comment! :)

Brandi said...

This is adorable. Also, I love the shot of the cake with the icing eaten off--and being eaten off! We have icing vampires around here, too! :)

MJ said...

I think you've just inspired me to do a date with each of my kids once a month. What a great idea. It looks like it you had a wonderful time.