I've been feeling extra sentimental lately.

Maybe it's the change of the seasons or watching Gabe go from baby to toddler to tiny man in front of my eyes.

Maybe it's the entire past year.  

From losing my grandfather to Gabe's adoption to my brother's tumor and subsequent treatment.

Maybe it's just the growing up that comes with the (gulp) last year of your twenties.

Life is this huge cycle of lessons that I don't want to miss.

Nothing stays the same.

When I reflect on my 29 years of life, it's easy to see the hills and valleys.  The roller coaster turns.

The million little moments that have made me who I am.

I feel like, for the first time ever, I'm fully living where I am.

It's like I finally got the message that being the mom of young children, the money being a little tighter than we'd like, starting new businesses, and being buried in laundry, won't last.

It's a season.

And season's change.

I want to appreciate that.

Experience it.

Flow right along with the changing winds.

But it's hard, isn't it?

Josie's pushing Gabe down again, refusing to share.

Is Gabriel seriously going to cry over french toast sticks?

Yes, yes he is.

You mean I have to make dinner AGAIN?!?!

Didn't I just do that yesterday?

And the day before?

No, this whole living thing isn't for the meek.

I recently read a post called Don't Carpe Diem.

And I loved it.

No, all the moments aren't worth savoring.

There are quite a few that I need to fast forward through until I hear Andrew's car pull in the driveway signaling help has arrived.

That bedtime is oh so close, praise God.

The entire day can't be sunshine and roses.

Like I told my Mom the other day, if there weren't any bad days, we wouldn't appreciate the good.

So I'm taking a clue from women wiser then I am.

I will not catalog every moment of every day.

But I will seize those tiny glimpses that God allows me each day that show me how insanely lucky I am.

How great is this life?

Tears over french toast sticks not included.


Maura said...

its so nice when backup arrives. its like a weight is lifted sometimes when I hear Micheal's car pull up. Its amazing what 5 mins to yourself can do to bring back your sanity.

Sarah said...

It does go so fast...but what a ride!

Love your thoughts. They really feel like my own:)