Serious Happy

My hero leaving the hospital after his great news.

As if I haven't been experiencing enough happy lately, I got uncontainable happy news on Wednesday.

My brother had his post radiation MRI scans done exactly 3 months to the day after his tumor was found.

And the scans were clear!

"They couldn't have looked better.  And this is as excited as I get." - Dr. Monotone

A big, huge thank you to all of you who have emailed asking how he is doing.  He will get scans done every couple of months and continue with the year of chemo as planned just to kick it even farther into oblivion.

And now, we celebrate in Disney!


Crystal said...

Wonderful, amazing, fantastic news! Glad to hear it!! God is sooooo good!

Lanie Beth said...

so so so so so happy for him! and you! the Lord is Good!