University Disney!

We are waking up bright and early tomorrow to head to The Happiest Place On Earth!

I'm so, so, so excited!

Josie was a little excited, but she honestly didn't really know what Disney was.

She's never been to an amusement park and, until this past year, she didn't even know who the princesses were.

I wanted to get her as hyped up as possible for our trip so I declared this past week "Disney University" at Pope Academy!

We watched a different Disney movie every night (a big treat around here!) and did lots of fun projects that gave her a little glimpse of what she had to look forward to.

Here's what we did.

Kelly's Kindergarden had quite a few Disney themed sight word games.  We did the Cinderella's Ball Game and the Princess Sight Word Memory Game.  Both were a huge hit.

I found us doing lots of "Night School" again.  Sorry for the dark pics

We played the Disney Matching Game that Aunt Suzy got for Josie in December.

My Dad sent us a huge map of Disney that the kids spent quite a bit of time pouring over.

We also did a mini unit on Florida.

I went to the library and brought home a few books on the state and we did a few coloring sheets to reinforce the little facts we learned.

And Josie's Favorite goes to the estimation game we did.

She guessed how many cups of water she thought would fit in different tupperware bowls and then we counted as we filled them up.


Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a fabulous trip! Can't wait to hear all about it :)
Amy King

Brittney said...

Stopping by from Preschool Corner. I love the measuring/estimation game!

Hope you enjoy your trip! :)