Heart Pops

We are living it up at Disney!  Lots of pictures sure to follow.  
Here is a repost, while we ride The Teacups for the billionth time!

We don't do much to celebrate Valentines Day.

It's hits way to close the Gabe and Josie's birthdays for me to put any energy into it.

We did make these lollipops a couple years ago that were a big hit with all Josie's friends.

Here's the low down...


Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Arrange your mini candy canes in a heart shape on top of the wax paper.  

Be sure to leave a little space at the bottom for your stick.

Bake at a 225 degrees for about 10 minutes.  

We had to check ours a lot and keep baking them.  You want to catch theme between not melty at all and a big gooey mess.

Once they are pliable, take them out and squeeze the bottom around a lollipop stick.

Then drop the melted chocolate in the center and load those babies up with sprinkles.

Which are optional, unless you live with Josie.

Then sprinkles are never optional.


A Sweet Little Valentine Treat!