Be Mine

We are living it up at Disney World!  
Lots of pictures sure to follow, but in the mean time here's our favorite way to make Valentines!

We made these back when Josie was 3.

There are still my favorite Valentine we've ever done.

Super easy, you just need red and pink paint, white paper, and a midget's hands.

Paint their hands, press them on the paper to make a heart, add some lovey words, and send them off.

Cute, cute, cute!

And a big hit with grandparents!


Anna said...

LOVE this idea. so cute. my father-in-law would love this coming from our 2-year-old daughter. <3

Kameron said...

So cute! I think that will be an easy card for the grandparents! God knows I have ample finger paint! I have been absent from blogging lately, but it's nice to be back. Your blog looks so cute! Did you have it professionally done? I need a change on mine!

Km said...

Precious!!!!! Just the kind of valentine that needs to be saved and treasured forever!!!