Now That's A Kiss.

The Pope House is full of exciting changes these days.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, Andrew decided to leave his job at Waffle House and go full-time at the pizza place we opened a couple months ago.

He's been pretty miserable the past couple of years at Waffle House, but it was a steady job that afforded us the life we wanted so he stayed.  Waffle House is an excellent company to work for and literally saved us when he lost his job 4 years ago, but it was never the right fit for him. 

He spent the past year trying to work the demanding Waffle House schedule and get Angus Best and Little Nicci's off the ground at the same time.  He's worked nonstop and when Waffle House cut his pay again we decided it just wasn't worth the sacrifice for us anymore.

Last week he officially switched over and, while I'm fully aware that we are in the honeymoon stage, this new pace of life feels pretty good.

When he's at work, he's at work.  When he's home, he's actually here.  


The kids are seriously loving it.

Josie's has become his new employee, going with him to hand out menus and loyalty cards around town in exchange for 4 shiny quarters.  She's saving up for an American Girl doll.  

I'm loving getting entire days off to run errands alone and coming home to freshly vacuumed carpets, a totally cleaned out car, and a good chunk of this 4 year old Honey Do list crossed off.

He gets Sundays off now.

In our 10 years of marital bliss, he has never once truly had a Sunday off.  We get to go to church together and have big family lunches and take late afternoon naps.

It's nice.

I don't think I realized how unhappy Andrew was until I saw him out from under it.  Which, at the end of the day, is worth the risk of working for ourselves.  I want him to be excited about going to work.  And now he is.

He's getting to be creative and take ownership over his career.  Serious ownership since, gulp, we own it.

If you live in our neck of the woods, you should give Little Nicci's a try.  They are located right in front of the Home Depot in Griffin (behind Brusters, which is also a part of this new venture).  They deliver to ALL of Griffin and have really great prices.

It's good.

And I should know, we eat it about 3 times a week now!

So that's what's new around these parts.

Kissing Old Baby?  Well that's old news.

And Buddies, y'all are awesome!  

12 link ups on our very first First Day Linky Party?!?!  I would've been thrilled with 2!

If you missed out, don't worry.  There'll be another First Day on April 1st.

And April Fools Day is a great day to start!

No kidding.

Hope your weekend was awesome.  Let's make this week count!


Amber said...

I think you said it perfectly. We're so happy that y'all both are so happy again. We want the best for you both. Though I'm still kinda sad I'm a single mom on Sundays now! : )

Fallon Davis said...

I TOTALLY know how life changing a new job and schedule can be! So exciting, we will put Little Nicci's on the list of dinner stops soon!

kimmer said...

So proud and happy for you and Andrew...I know it was not a decision taken lightly to change job paths! You will kep working toward your goals together, as you have always done, and life wiil continue to be exciting! Wishing you the very best things!!!

Lanie Beth said...

So proud of y'all for taking the next step!

Kelli said...

Congrats to you guys! Owning your own business is pretty scary, but having a husband/father that is really able to be present is completely amazing!