First Day - March

Now it's your turn!

Link to your First Day post below and let me check out what your norm looks like!  
Visit a few others and make some new friends!


Amy said...

Look at that beautiful face without any makeup on! Love

Kameron said...

So fun and glad I linked up! I really need an iphone though! My phone camera stinks and it was a pain to carry my giant camera around! Hmm, I think I just might have a reason to get one now. lol

Amber said...

Fun!!! Thanks for finally getting on my butt to do it! I seriously woke up this morning thinking..."I need to snap a pic."

And thanks for our soup @ the park date! It was fun being strange and yelling at weirdo kids! : )

Stef Ryan said...

I wish I had the discipline to do this- it's a great way to capture the every day.

Also wanted to let you know I passed a nomination your way for Versatile Blogger. :) http://baileygardnerfamily.blogspot.com/2012/03/nominated.html

Fallon Davis said...

So glad I was able to participate! So much fun!! Thanks for hosting.