By the time Josie was two, she had two things that had to be with her at all times.

Soft Blank and Old Baby.

She's five now and still can't sleep without Soft Blank by her side.

I was starting to think Gabriel was going to pass over the attachment phase, but I think he was just choosing carefully.

He chose a .99 cent stuffed horse from Good Will as the object of his affection.

He drags it by it's back hoof everywhere.  I've even caught them having some deep conversations over the past few days.

It's adorable.

Almost as adorable as his toothy grin.


I'm pretty sure he could get away with anything with that smile.


pam said...

I love reading your blog. I have been doing so for a couple of years now. such cute kids!
I have to say tho that going from the large print to the small print and then back to large print is not very senior citizen friendly. Might just be me but I just can't adjust my eyes to read it.

kimmer said...

What a sweet boy! I think its great that he's liking his new horsey.....too bad its not just a tad smaller! He is so adorable and I love his big smile....makes my day!

Jodi said...

Alright, that's hilarious and adorable. I love little kids!