It's Here!

Pots filled with new flowers and dirt under our nails.

Meeting best friends for Pre-Dinner Ice Cream. 

Decorated sidewalks and driveways and patios.

No makeup days and chubby little fingers holding on for dear life.

Swimsuits hanging on every chair.

Lazy nights reading out back.

Spring has sprung and I couldn't be happier.

I love that Spring always looks the same.  

Dirt, fresh air, two baths a day.

We don't get many of these t-shirt and jeans kind of days that are my absolute favorite so I'm soaking them up while I can.  

How about you?  Has Spring started in your neck of the woods?


kimmer said...

Here in Arizona spring has arrived also!!! Its a little hard to distinguish between the seasons at times since most days are the same....BEAUTIFUL! But there was a lovely rainstorm yesterday, and at the end of the rain...a magnificent double rainbow appeared over the valley! If only I was as smart as you and could post a photo! Happy Spring to the Popes!