To Play

Well, we are about a month into Andrew's new job and it's going great.

He's loving it and business is booming.  They've more then doubled their sales and this past weekend was the busiest they've had.

And as great as that is, the best part of this new life is how great it is to have Andrew around more.

He used to say that he didn't think he was as good of a Dad as some of our friends.  

That he didn't enjoy playing.

Turns out, he just was too busy to play.  

Now when he works, he works hard and when he's home, he's really here.  

We've made Sundays our Family Day. 

No phones (which if you know Andrew that's huge) and lots of fun.  Most days we end up at a park and getting some sort of treat.  

Which equals some pretty happy kids.

It's kinda fun for me to watch him learning to play.

Sliding down tiny slides and chasing giggly kids until I seriously worry if he can breathe.

It's like we've entered a new, slower paced life.  

And I really, really love it.


kimmer said...

Andrew looks great and so happy!!! And I love seeing them all playing together! So super happy that the new biz venture is going so well!!! Yeah!

Jodi said...

So wonderful to have a Dad able to be present in his kids' lives! I'm happy for you :)

Our Family of Four said...

That's great! Cute pics!