Technically His First

Today is Gabey Baby's Second Birthday.

Although, technically, it's his very first birthday ever as Gabriel Pope!

Kind of a 2 for 1 deal.

It's been a big year for my little man.

He learned to walk, started talking, developed an intense love for balloons.

Oh, and became a Pope forever and ever, amen!

Wanna take a peek at just how much he's changed this past year?

Just be warned, it's almost unbelievable how much of a baby he was a year ago. 

It's enough to make this Mama cry.

Can that first picture seriously be the same kid?!?!

As much as I miss that little toothless monster grin, I have to admit, I'm pretty smitten with the awesome, very toothy, lover boy he is now.

Oh Gabey Baby, please don't ever lose those wonky toes or dimpled hands!

Happy Birthday to the little man that holds my heart.

I love you more then I ever thought could be humanly possible.  You lighten me up and make me smile and just bring joy in general to everyone you're around.  You make me laugh a thousand times a day and I couldn't imagine a sweeter spirit in all the world.

Two is gonna ROCK!


Amber said...

Ugh....I'm totally bawling now! Warn me first please! Happy Birthday little man! The Mabs love you!!!!

Kaia said...

This kid is a doll! Happy two years to Gabe!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

Km said...

Happy birthday to the sweetest little man!!! His eyes just twinkle with love, joy and delight! I think two is such an awesome age!!! Enjoy every precious moment with him!! Xoxo