Scrap That!

I had last week's agenda all planned out.

We were going to have another awesome week covering the solar system and getting things done around the house.

Then my mom called to say she had a long layover on Tuesday, could we come hang out?

Sure!  Plans can get pushed back.

Then Tiffany invited us to spend a day at the zoo with her and her little men.

Hmm, can we push plans two days?

Can the laundry go another day in the basket?

Can school go undone again?

Can we push back naps and dinner and dusting?

I thought about it for 2 seconds and decided they could.

What's the fun in homeschooling if you can't pack up at a moments notice for a day of exploring and learning at a near empty zoo?!?!

I am SO glad we were flexible.

The weather was absolutely perfect, the kids were so well behaved, and the animals were, well, pretty lively!

This tiger spotted the kids and came right over.  

He actually played with the kids!  It was the coolest thing ever!

Josie's expressions were worth a million missed lesson plans.

And so was the huge lion that stood on top of a rock and roared for a looonngg time!


I've honestly never been to the zoo and seen the animals so active.

It had to have been the cooler but still warm weather.

Plus we were one of about 3 families there.  Every exhibit had zookeepers that were more then happy to answer the kids countless, and often strange, questions.

Gabe was obsessed with the "Mincos."

It was awesome.

And super educational!

Great day with my babies.

SO glad we ditched the preplanned schedule and had a week full of memories.


Lanie Beth said...

I definitely want to get to the zoo a lot this Spring! Let's be Zoo buddies! :)