for real, for real.

It's official.

He's ours.

All the papers are signed, all the petitions are filed.

A new start.

Born again on my birthday!

I asked Gabe if he was happy to be a real Pope and I'm not sure, but I think this means yes!

Today is his big heart procedure, but after that is behind us we are going to spend some time celebrating our new boy!

Three cheers to another happy ending!  

Be back next week with all the Adoption Day fun!


Donovan Doins said...

Nicole - prayers and praises go out for your family today.

Jackie said...

Congratulations to the entire Pope family on Gabe's finalized adoption!

Thinking about you and Gabe today. I hope everything goes smoothly with the heart cath procedure.

Also, I am not sure if you have read the adoption blog Millions of Miles, but it's one of my favorites. She interviewed Willie Garson, who adopted his son from foster care. Thought you might be interested in reading the interviewas well. I thought it provided a balanced view of adoption and some insight on celebrity adoptions. Link: http://www.millionsofmiles.com/2011/12/lending-your-voice-chat-with-willie.html

miamihoney said...

Congrats!!! Yay, yay, yay. So happy that it is official...amazing.

kimmer said...

Praise God for this amazing child coming into...and staying forever.....in our lives! What an wonderful blessing this boy is!

Linda Z said...

Congratulations!! Fantastic news!! Glad you got such an amazing Christmas present from the Lord! :) His name is perfect!

Amber said...

I'm dying over those last pictures!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of this special day for your family!!! I felt honored to be there! Love that little man and all you Popes!!!

Elizabeth said...

Sending some love and hugs all the way from Tennessee! Loving these pics! :)