Picking A Name

Today is a big day for The Pope Family.


This past 18 months since we meet our baby boy have been a roller coaster.

It seems like he just got here yesterday and that he's been here forever all at the same time.

And even though I've know he was mine forever for awhile now, I'm still ready to see my name on that birth certificate.

So while we spend the day celebrating and smiling and exhaling, here's the short story behind his name.

It's a weighty job, picking a child's name.

Your decision will forever mold how they are viewed, if they will be teased, what their nickname will forever be.

The name you pick will be said billions of times in reference to your sweet little nugget.

When Andrew and I first started talking about having kids, we had no problem coming up with girl names.

Andrew had always wanted a Josie.

I kinda liked it, but had a laundry list of names that I had dreamed of naming my daughter too.

But when Josie pulled into our driveway and I peeked in the car window for my first glimpse of her, I knew the second I looked at her.

That was our Josie.

With Gabriel, we had zero name ideas.

Everything we came up with just didn't fit.

Then one Sunday our Bishop started talking about Gabriel.

The angel that foretold Christ's coming.

He interpreted visions.

When God had something to say, he used Gabriel.

The Mouthpiece of God.

As Gabe started talking and squealing we joked that we should have named him something that meant Quiet As A Mouse!

Gabriel in Hebrew means strong man of God, Hero of God, God is my strength and courage, devoted to God.

And if I'm going to raise a son, these are all the things I hope he becomes.

His middle name was easy.

Picked to represent three of the strongest men I know.

Gordon Rouillard

Gordon Purmort

And my Dad, Mark Gordon Purmort

My Grandfathers and my Dad.

Three men that have led lives that have invaluable lessons for little Gabe.

Big names to live up to, but I'm confident he will.

Up until today it's been a fake name.

But today we will make it official and add a Pope to the end of it!

Happy Adoption Day!


Melissa said...

Happy, Happy Adoption Day to all of the Popes!

Coastalpines said...

Congratulations to your family! His is a beautiful name and he is a lucky boy. God Bless!

Donovan Doins said...

Yay,congratulations on this blessing day.

Kameron said...

That is so awesome! No more thinking about not having him forever! Congrats!

lori said...

i love his name and the meaning behind it. happy adoption day!

Crystal said...

This got me teary eyes right after applying my make up! :) Huge congrats to the Pope family and I love Gabriel's name. Great choice and great meaning! Happy Birthday, Nicole! I'm sure nothing will top this birthday present!