Stop, Drop, & Roll

We are learning about Community Workers this month.

Last week was the Post Office and this week was Firemen.

We had a lot of fun with this one and really learned a lot.  We didn't do much outside of our theme work.  I'm in the process of finalizing our actual subject work for the new year.  I decided to stick with making our own themes but sourcing out our main subjects.  We will be using Math-U-See, Explode The Code, and A Reason For Handwriting.  She'll start those curriculums after her birthday.

For now though, we are enjoying our fun themes and working in the reading, writing, and math as we go.

Here's what we did this past week...

We printed out a few from the Kindergarden Pack and Josie breezed through them.  I introduced more than, less than, and equals and Josie loved it.  We played with that sheet everyday.  She also got to use a ruler to measure the fireman tools and and do a few mazes.  She loved that too.

The reading sheets were not fun for her so I left them off.  I've pretty much decided to wait until we do Explode The Code instead of randomly doing reading work.  We'll stick to our Word Family games for now.

Five Little Fireman Song & Art

Painted hands?  Glitter?  Fingers turned into people?

Yup, this one was a hit!

Nature Walks

This one doesn't have anything to do with firemen, but it was SO gorgeous out all week that we went on quite a few morning hikes in the woods.  We brought along our collecting bags and loaded up on leaves and pine cones!

For science this week, we talked about what a fire needs to burn (fuel, heat, and oxygen).  Then we took each of those things away and observed what happened.

This was a lot of fun and so easy to understand.  It's a great experiment. 


Of course we had to practice stop, drop, and roll.  Although I pray we never have to use it!

Field Trip

We ended our unit with a field trip!  Most of Josie's little friends have been to the fire station lots of times, but this was our first trip.  It was SO interesting and our guide was the nicest man.  The kids had a blast and learned a ton!

And I think Gabe may have "Be A Firetruck Driver" on his life list.  The kid did not want to get out!