Mail Call!

Before I share this week's Post Office fun with you, I have to give a quick update on Larry the Pumpkin.

This was the last check we did on October 31st.

It was nasty and gooey and smelled pretty yucky.

It was really interesting to watch it decompose.  I had originally wanted it to be totally decomposed before we threw it out, but it was grossing me out so we tossed it in the woods.

And now on to our Theme of the Week:

The Post Office!

I had a Pin Board full of ideas and all the supplies to get them done, but my brother had to have a scary surgery and we had to wait for some scary tests to come back so my mind was just everywhere but on school.  We did get a few done and had a really great field trip, so here's what we did.

Vocabulary Card Game

I made some cards up with words that had to do with the post office and a bunch of popsicle sticks with letters on them.

Josie picked a card then we raced to find the letters that spelled the word.

Word Family Game

Just 4 envelopes with the word family's "address".  She had to put the word in the right envelope so the mailman would deliver it to the right house.

I had super cute envelopes planned out but this was all I could muster by the end of the week.  

If I had this one to do over (which I will be doing), I would write the "at", "ail", "all", "am" REALLY big.  As a super duper beginner, she had a hard time figuring out which part of the address she was matching to the word card.

Once she figured that out though, she loved this game.

Post Office Field Trip

I had done this field trip about 10 years ago when I worked at a preschool so I set it up and invited our homeschooling friends.  A few families ended up not being able to make it, but the girls that did come had a good time.

The guide spoke a bit above a 4 year old's attention span.  Even if they couldn't follow everything she was saying, they did seem to really like seeing behind the scenes.  

And the Moms really enjoyed it!  It is crazy how much goes into sorting the mail!

The trucks were the highlight.  Josie keeps talking about how they drive on the wrong side of the car!

It is so much fun to have some friends that are homeschooling too!  Trips like this are so much more fun with friends!

Check out Homeschool Creations Link Up for a ton of great theme ideas!

Up next is the Fire Station!


Beth (www.livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com) said...

SO cool!! I never thougth of touring a post office, but now I really want to! I would love for you to link up at my TGIF LInky Party - http://livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/search/label/Linkey%20Parties
Beth =-)

Lovely Little Nest said...

These ideas are too cute! I'll definitely be implementing some in my classroom. Thanks for sharing, and happy weekend! :)