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Are you loving hearing about all these miracle families???

Today, Meredith is sharing her adoption story.  The way God ordained their steps is breathtaking.  

She is one of the most genuine ladies I know.  She is beautiful and loves God and her story is sure to leave you with tingles.

And her story ends with a double portion of God's goodness!


I was never the girl who wanted to get married as soon as legally possible and start having kids before I could even celebrate anniversary number one.  

My husband (Chris) and I got married when we were 22 and we both still had plenty of things that we wanted to accomplish before we even started thinking about children...including sleeping in every Saturday. :) 

When we were dating, engaged, and even in early marriage we discussed kids.  Like how many we wanted, names that we liked, traditions that were important to us, etc. but one topic that came up quite a bit was adoption.

Even from early on it was a priority for us to adopt at some point.  We didn’t know when or how but we assumed that it would be later down the road and definitely after biological children.

I really forgot about having kids for a few years. We were loving marriage and having a blast.

Things in our life began to take a turn in the Spring of 2009. 

I had been having some issues with my cycles and even birth control wasn’t regulating me.  After a few other alarming events took place, I decided to make an appointment with my doctor.

A very long and painful story short, it was determined that I had (have) endometriosis.  My doctor recommended that we go ahead and start trying to get pregnant.

While this was earlier in our marriage that I thought that we would begin having children, I was really warming up to the idea and began to get excited about having a baby. 

Well, after a year of trying with no meds and a year of trying with meds...still no baby. 

It was more devastating than I could even really try to type out.  If you have been there then you know exactly what I mean.  If you have not, then there really is no way to describe the feeling. 

While those were the darkest days of my life so far, I can say with a Light in my eyes and Hope in my voice that He who says He is faithful, is faithful. 

I cannot even begin to tell you the ways that the Lord took care of my husband and I during those years.  He was so perfectly full of grace and compassion that it still stirs me to tears and awe.  We had to choose to trust that He was on our side and that He was working for us and not against us even in devastation. 

It was when I decided that I was going to let the Lord do His thing and step to the side that He began to allow me to fall in love with the thought of adoption...and not for later down the road like we thought, but for now.  He placed strangers (now friends) in my life who had gone thought EXACTLY what we had and were on the other side with adopted children.

We chose an agency and began to get really excited!

I won’t get into all of the details but we sent in our pre-application in January of 2011 and had to wait until August 19th to get started in the process.  They require that you take a class with them before you begin your paper work, home studies, etc. and the February class was full so we had to wait until the August class to get going. 

It was a very long seven months but again, we had to choose to trust that God knew all along that we would be in the waiting room...again. 

So, as we anxiously awaited for August the Lord continued to do a work in our hearts with the hope that we would be parents.   The day came and we were so excited.  We headed to the class that was about an hour from our house, we got to meet lots of other couple that were right where we were in life, we learned a lot about the process, met our case worker, and walked out ready to hit the ground running.  We could begin our home study right away and expected to have our profile book being shown to birth moms all over Georgia by about the end of November, 2011. 

Well, this is where the story starts to get crazy. 

While we were in the class, I had a friend call. 

I couldn’t answer so I waited until we got home to call back.  I had no idea that with that phone call, on THE DAY of our agency class that we had been waiting for, our lives would change forever. 

Her neighbor had brought twins home from the hospital that belonged to her cousin because the cousin (the birth mom) was unable to take them home.  While my friend’s neighbor loved (and loves) the babies very much, she has five kids of her own and couldn’t care for them. 

So, just like that, we hear about this situation, send some information about ourselves to the lady with the babies, and a week later get a phone call that she wants us to have them. 

Lots and lots happened in between but on September 27th of this year, a judge gave us full custody of both babies. 

Two weeks later we welcomed the most precious four month old twins, Emma and Chance, into our home. 

We are still a little bit in awe of the whole situation but we serve an awe inspiring God, don’t we? 

There are so many more details about this story that I wish I could share but the most important fact of all is that God is good. 

He is good in the desert. 

He is good in the lush valley. 

He is good. 

We feel so blessed to have been given, not one, but two babies!  But even more than that, we feel so blessed because we have a God who hears us. 

We are elated to have this sweet little boy and girl to love and disciple. 

For years I asked God why He didn’t want me to be a mom and now I am so thankful that He is God and I am not. 

I am also more in love with adoption than I could ever think possible.  We are looking forward to adopting again one day and sometimes I wonder if having biological children is as half as cool as adoption is. :) 

I so appreciate Nicole taking the time to make adoption a priority on her blog.  If you are someone who is even half way considering adoption, please jump into it. 

Don’t let fear (money, other people’s opinions, baggage, etc.) get in your way. 

Jesus has put that desire in you so I encourage you to pursue it.  It is more amazing of an experience than you can even imagine. 

God decided in advance to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ. This is what He wanted to do, and it gave Him great pleasure.”  
Ephesians 1:5


Beth said...

This is incredible!!! What an amazing story of God's perfect timing!!!

Becks said...

LOVE this story it is soooo encouraging!! God is so good!