It's been a llooooonnnggg week here at the Pope house.

I've been stressed out and had a few pity parties and been a real beast to the kids.

And that was just Monday.

My brother got his test results back and they were less then awesome.  We tend to handle these kind of curve balls with a sense of humor and some serious positivity so I'm not worried at all.

I am, however, dying to lay eyes on him.

I have a bit of a control issue and being this far away makes me feel out of the loop and way out of control.

Basically, I need to fly up there and boss somebody around.

Lucky brother.

But when I browsed through my Intagram pictures from this past week it hit me.

This week wasn't all stress balls and freak outs.

 "late night" (past 7) Craft Night w/ Josie, a Mommy Daughter Date to The Jungle Book, Daddy Snuggles, Dirt Playing (Gabe did not enjoy removal from said dirt), baby butts in bath tubs, rare moments of quiet playing, morning snuggles, fort building, Preview Night at The Gift of Lights event, laundry almost in the basket, Corporate event at the Georgia Dome for Angus Best

I suppose the week wasn't all that bad.

In fact, it was pretty full of love and laughing and smiles.

I hope that outweighed the nagging, crying, and yelling.

Next week we will try harder.

And find a flight to Minnesota so I can boss someone around.


Grace said...

happy instafriday!
your kids are gorgeous! even when crying ;)
love those morning snuggles...and yay for your brother!

Kaia said...

I just started using instagram and I'm hooked! Why is it so fun?!