Our Thanksgiving Book

Can you believe it's already Thanksgiving time?

This time of the year seems to just fly by.

Our next 6 weeks are jam packed and I'm so looking forward to all the fun things that are going on!  

I'm usually a stickler for No Christmas Until After Thanksgiving, but we will be flying up to Minnesota for a Winter Wonderland Visit and will miss a big chunk of December at home.  So we decided to add in an extra week now to make up for it.  Today the tree goes up, cookies will be made, and we are going to do some drive through lights!

I only had one big Thanksgiving project that I wanted to do this year.

I saw this Thanksgiving Book on Pinterest back in August and have been patiently waiting to make it.

It was time intensive.  

We did 3 pages a day and we used a ton of different art supplies and methods (coloring, painting, cutting). 

For once I actually sat with Josie each day and worked with her instead of snapping pictures so I don't have any photos of us making the book, but here are our finished pages.

We went with the happy go lucky version of the Thanksgiving story this year.  We'll dive into the actual story another year!

This is for sure one of those projects that we will keep for years!


Mommyblogger said...

This is just adorable & such a great learning project too!!! Can't wait to see your tree :)

kimmer said...

So great! I'd love to see it and have Josie tell me all about it! See you soon! Hugs!

Nathalie said...

Cute. Love your illustrations.