Granola Bar Success!

I've attempted homemade granola bars a few times over the past year and failed miserably each and every time.

Either the recipes called for things I was trying to avoid (sugar, corn syrup) or they would turn into a crumbly mess as soon as I took them out of the pan.

Not exactly the to go food I was hoping for.

I found this recipe at Heavenly Homemakers. It sounded easy enough and I didn't have to bake them so we gave it a shot.

And we have a winner!

They took us about 10 minutes to make (plus 2 hours of chill time) and are really yummy.

Double plus that they didn't fall apart!

You only need 5 ingredients.

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter
1/3 Cup Honey
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (or any other oil)
1 Cup Oats
1 Cup Mix Ins.

This was my first attempt at anything with coconut oil.  

It's kinda intimidating.

But it gave the bars a seriously awesome tropical taste.

I let Josie pick our mix ins and we ended up with raisins & chocolate chips.  Our bars taste amazing, but are a bit too sweet for me.  Next time we make these, I will probably cut back to 1/2 cup mix ins.  The raisins are just super sweet.

we are now in a serious Snow White phase around here

Melt down your honey, peanut butter, and coconut oil until well combined.  It's pretty quick.

Then stir in your oats and mix ins.

Spread in a 9x4 pan.  

No need to grease it.  The coconut oil keeps it from sticking.  

They will look too thin but don't worry, they won't be.

Then stick them in the fridge for 2 hours or more.

When you're ready, cut them into rectangles and wrap them in parchment paper.

And now you have homemade granola bars ready to grab and go!

I would guess that these cost about 10 minutes of my time and under $1.50 for 12 bars!

Not too shabby!

Now for a little lesson on the benefits of coconut oil and local honey.

Coconut Oil is an alternative to other cooking oils.  It is good for your hair, your skin, it helps lower stress levels, cholesterol levels, and your weight.  It increases your immunity, proper digestion, and raises your metabolism.  It can relieve kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Not to mention it's goo for your teeth and bones.  

It's high in Lauric Acid which our body can uses to fight off infections.

You can rub it on your head to have shiny hair or slap some on your skin to reduce signs of aging.

Try doing that with vegetable oil!  

End of story, it's a good alternative.  It isn't a high heat oil so you can't use it for everything, but when you can it's good.  It has an awesome flavor and was really easy to work with.

It was easy for me to buy into coconut oil.

Local honey was a bit of a stretch for me.

I just hate the taste of honey.

So here are the health benefits in hopes that I'll read this and swallow my spoonful without cringing.

Honey is an awesome natural healer and sweetener.  Just last week, Josie tried to get a nasty cough.  In the morning, when her cough seemed at it's worse, I had her down a tablespoon to coat her throat and her coughing stopped.  No need to put an over the counter medication with who knows what in it into her little body.

Using local honey is best since the bees are from your area.  Turns out the little buggers know what immune stimulating properties you need to live in your area.  Basically, the bees make things to fight the things happening in your area.

And people say there isn't a God designing all this!

Here are a few things local, organic honey is good for treating.  

It's a natural energy booster, it can relieve morning sickness, soothe sore throats, get rid of bladder infections, arthritis, upset stomach, and even your nasty breath.  Raw honey is thought to help with infertility in both men and women.  Honey and lemon shifts your fat stores making that fat accessible to burn for energy.

So there's your little lesson for the day.

Now go be healthy!


The Edberg's said...

Hey Nicole---sounds lovely, I can't wait to try it! If possible, could you please post a link directly to the recipe? I want to print a recipe card. The heavenly homemakers site linked in your post goes to the homepage where there's multiple bar recipes and I want the same one you've posted here.


Sarah said...

Aren't her recipes wonderful?! My kids have autoimmune issues and can't process lot's of additives and preservatives..(of course no one needs that stuff anyways,so we kind of see their allergies to it as a blessing) her site has just been so awesome in helping me not fix the same things over and over for them...good lesson too :)

Kaia said...

If you get adventurous I have a granola bar recipe that has plenty of healthy addititions: http://kaias-life.blogspot.com/2011/03/raw-granola-bars-m-style.html. The original healthy version is without Rice Krispies and dried fruit instead of the m&m's. You do have to keep them in the fridge though, as they tend to crumble at room temp.