sister & brother

I'm a busy body.

I am pretty much always on my way to complete a task.

And on my way to complete that task, I usually find at least 4 more tasks to do.

Which sometimes leads to me missing what's happening right in front of me.

Like last week, when the kids were cleaning out their pumpkins and I suddenly stopped an looked at them and thought, 

"They will always be brother and sister."

Sure, I knew that already.

But something about the way Gabe was watching Josie and waiting for her approval, the way Josie patted his little fat hands and giggled at him, made me suddenly realize what that means.

Lifelong friends.

Even when they are fighting, there is nothing that can make them not be brother and sister.

They will grow up with the same parents, in the same house, attend the same events.

Their bond will run deep and strong.

I have a brother.

But he's never been just a brother.  

He's my hero.  

The person I most want to be like.  

And it's been that way since I was old enough to toddle behind him everywhere he went.

I was his shadow.  And when we grew older and it wasn't so cool to idolize your big brother, I was still there, idolizing him, secretly wishing to be half as cool as he was.

In the past year, Aaron and I have actually become friends.  We spend time together and laugh at stories from when we were growing up.  

There are memories that only the two of us would ever understand.

It's awesome.

And the thought of Gabriel and Josie having that makes me feel so happy.

I wonder if my parents felt that way watching Aaron and I play.

The awe of watching a sibling relationship start to take roots.

I'm sure they did.  

It was awesome to just stop and sit there and watch them, cleaning guts out of a pumpkin, and becoming the best of friends.


Amber said...

Too sweet!! Love those babies! : )

Anonymous said...

Uplifting, thank you for the beauty you see, and what you share.

kimmer said...

Oh yes.....I did watch that relationship unfold from day one! two very different people, both so amazing and wonderful in your own ways. You are Both my heroes! Make that Superheros!