carving pumpkins & my finger

Would you believe that last year was the first time in my adult life that I'd ever carved a pumpkin?

And to be totally honest, I didn't do much carving then either.

We did one with my brother, who I let do most of the work.  Then another at Little School, but my superhero Ashley handled that one.

But my brother is 1200 miles away and Ashely went and became a room mom so I was left on my own.

Carving pumpkins is a lot like making Christmas cookies or dying Easter eggs.

I love the tradition of it, but really hate actually doing it.

But we are learning about pumpkins and Josie wanted to "put flames in a pumpkin," so I grabbed the closest knife and my 2 kids and headed out for some good pumpkin carving fun.

Gabriel was so into it!

He kept calling our pumpkin a ball and trying to throw it, but once he saw all the goo inside I couldn't keep him out of it.

It was all fun and games and giggles until I tried to carve a smile with goo covered hands and ended up slicing the top of my pinkie clean off.

It was just the corner but it looked like the scene from a horror movie and I almost passed out.

Apparently, I have an issue with blood.

A few bandaids later and lots of encouragement from Josie, we finished our pumpkins.

Meet Bob and Larry:

Next year, I'm hiring a Pumpkin Carver.

Do you carve pumpkins???


Bethany said...

Bob and Larry...I love it! I think this will be the first year. I'm going to take extra percautions NOT to cut off my pinkie though. Hope it heals quickly, nothing like being injured while being a mommy!

Anonymous said...

My hubby usually does all the pumpkin carving for me! It's really a big job isn't it? Sorry to hear about your pinky but on the bright side, your pumpkins are REALLY cute :)

Kaia said...

We do pumpkins every year but discovered 2 years ago that the little "pumpkin carving kits" they sell at the store with miniature saws work MUCH better than a big knife!

Anonymous said...

Love carving pumpkins.. we just keep ours on the kitchen table though :)