Reading Cans

My reading lessons have been all over the place.

Sight Words to Word Families to Phonics to Just Forget It You'll Read When You're 30.

I'm still finding my groove and deciding what's age appropriate and what's just plain frustrating.

I saw this idea on Pintrest and it seemed like an awesome way to at least dabble in reading real words.

Plus, they are cute so I like them!

Each word family will get a can.

We are starting with "at".  It goes perfectly with her Usborne Reading Program.

She takes out her "at" card and then we go through the letters in the can one by one.

She picked up on the concept immediately and I was all proud.

But something just didn't click.

She would sound out the entire word and then yell out, "It says fat cat on a mat!"

Well, at least she can rhyme.

By the last letter, I was banging my head on the table and she was laughing hysterically.

At least my cans are cute.


Anonymous said...

starfall.com is a fun website for learning reading skills.

The Henrys said...

This is a great idea! I may have to use it with my son. Can I offer a quick tip as a former teacher? It would be best to use lowercase letters as the first letter. I have seen so many students get confused about capitalization later because some teachers use capitol letters in words that are not proper nouns. Not a big deal, but just something that might help later:)

jessica said...

"Cute cans " that's what he said :) hahahaha
and as a teacher also -very interesting what the Henry's wrote -Ive been taught to start with all caps first! Different states, different methods I guess.

Amy said...

^^^brahahaha^^^ she should be part of our club :)

Anonymous said...

i get the "bang head on table" part!:) ooh yes i do!!!!