I-Phone Pic Dump

That little dude makes my heart flutter.

I wonder if I'll ever get used to the fact that I have a daughter AND a son?!?!

I swore I'd never ask for anything again if God would give me just one baby and yet here I am with two that I'm positive were handmade for our family.

He's such a little stud too!

I'm in week 3 of my new job.

I like it, but I'm having to get used to the stress of having a boss that needs me to get stuff done.  

Which sounds remarkably like my usual life other then my previous (actually still current) bosses were 4 and 1 and I could send them to their rooms.

I do still think it's strange that I'm working at all.

I wasn't even looking for a job.

Yet it feels so perfect.  Just a couple hours a day and I get to stretch some brain muscles that were getting a little bit doughy.

A couple days a week, Josie and Gabriel go to a sitter's house to play.

I think it's safe to say Josie loves Ms Brook's house!

She talks all day about what they did and wants to go back every morning.

It feels so good to ditch the Mommy Guilt and let them go there so I can work without having to tell them to go play a billion times.

Plus they get to stay until after lunch so I actually get my house work wrapped up too.

Which means when I pick them up, I get to be just Mom and play instead of trying to do it all.

I wish we had started doing this ages ago.

And lastly, I had two firsts this past week.

My first NASCAR Experience and my first Matilda Jane purchase.

Andrew got full access passes for the weekend from Angus Best.

We live less then a mile from the track but neither of us had ever been.

Turns out, it's not really our thing. 

We spent most of the time laughing at how lost we were.  

We left sweaty and half deaf, but glad to check that off our bucket list.

No pictures of Josie's new Matilda Jane dress.  

It's for our Christmas Card pictures so I have to keep it top secret!

Or until it comes in the mail, you know, whichever comes first!

It took all my will power to only buy one dress.  I'm pining for some of the comfy pants for her and maybe a skirt or two.  Luckily I only brought it the allotted amount of cash so my budget was safe.

Anyone who made a purchase gets a photo session with my friend Tate (Taken By Tate) so I told myself I really spent $60 for Christmas Pictures and got a dress free instead of saying I bought a $60 dress and got pictures for free!

Hope you all are having a good week!

I'm hosting a baby shower for a good friend this weekend so I better head out and dekid the pool deck!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your new job is working out so well for you! I swear sometimes I feel like I'm losing all my brain cells by staying home all the time!

We went to a Nascar race two weekends ago & it was our first too! I actually really enjoyed it and like you was so excited to check it off my bucket list!!!