Writing Letters

Part of Josie's writing work this year is to have a few pen pals.

She is so excited to start sending and getting real letters in the mail.

But before we can jump into that, she needs to get a handle on writing the actual letters of the alphabet.

I tested her last week and she was able to write about half of them without any prompting and a few more with some reminders of what they looked like.

For the rest, I turned to Pintrest.

Please tell me your on Pintrest?!?!

It has been my greatest tool for fun new activities for the kids school.  Being able to sort and file all the links in one spot and just pull the folders up when I'm looking for ideas has been wonderful!

I knew Josie would love this one so I set it up during nap time and we got to work as soon as she woke up.

(I've messed with my camera settings a bit too much.  Excuse the blur while I figure out what I've done!)

So super easy.

All you'll need is a chalkboard, chalk, water, and a Q-Tip.

Just write out the letters and have your Midget trace over them with a wet Q-Tip.

Josie did this for A LONG time.  It was great practice.

I'm planning on doing this a few times a week focusing on the letters she doesn't know until she gets them.

Then she can start her real Pen Pal Letters!


kimmer said...

Oh, I can't wait to open a letter from her! But my all time fav will always be my note from her...." I love my silly Maemae! Love it! It will be framed!

Beth said...

Love this! Have you seen this idea:
I found it on a blog and can't wait to do something like it here! You know in my spare time:)

Mommyblogger said...

Pinterest is the best for everything!!! This is such a cute idea.

MyLinda said...

What a great idea!