Little Luna

My friend Sheena is finally having a baby girl after 2 adorable boys.

Little Luna Isabella will be here in November, but Sheena owns The Grand Gourmet and has events pretty much every weekend so we had her shower a bit early.

I love Sheena and know that Luna is going to be so amazing!

We had the shower up by the pool.  

No games or super babyish decor.

Just flowers and linens in the nursery colors and some super yummy italian food.

When Jaq and I were setting up we were sweating buckets.  But thankfully the sun went behind the trees just as people started pulling in and it was absolutely perfect weather!

I'm kinda over the cupcake craze and wanted to make something in a jar with twine around it.

I was going to make tirimasu but couldn't find half the ingredients so switched to raspberry cheesecakes.

I baked them right in the jar then made fresh whipped cream to put on top.  Added a fresh raspberry and topped the jar.

They turned out so good!

I was proud.

 Good Luck Aaron and Sheena!  And welcome to the land of Girl Drama!