First Soccer Game Ever

Josie had her very first soccer game last Saturday!

It was adorable and probably the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life.

They blocked their own team, shot into the other team's goal, and one girl stood and cried the entire time.

They don't keep score, but since I'm not quite so politically correct I did and we lost big time.

But Josie loved every second she was on the field and told me she was a going to play forever so I count that as a win.

Maybe I'm a little more PC then I thought.

She's number 34 in case the super bouncy curls and golden skin don't give her away.

Lips sucked in seems to be her signature concentration face.  

She spent every ballet class with eyebrows furrowed and no lips.  Looks like soccer will be much of the same.

I'm loving having her in sports!

She's my MVP for sure!


Beth said...

super cute! Audge is sitting here with me...she said "is that me momma?" she doesnt even play soccer:)

Amy said...

I NEED a copy of that last picture....please and thank you :)