Science Sunday - Week 2

We're back with some Science Sunday Fun!

We are still learning about different properties of water for our science lessons.  I'm going to be teaching science at our local Homeschool Co-op starting this monday and will be doing a lot of these activities with my group.  

This week we asked, "Why do boats float?"

We read a few books about boats and water displacement and then got to work on making our own boats float.

This is another insanely easy experiment from Usborne.

First we gathered a few things that Josie thought would make good boats.

Then we tried them out in our tub to see if they would float or sink.  (she did great, all her "boats" floated)

Then we started adding marbles to see how much each boat could hold.

I tried to go over the water displacement idea while we did this but it flew over her head.  She did love adding the marbles and counting how many the boats held before then sunk.

She was also really interested in how sometimes taking just one out would make it float again.

Like our new school uniforms?!?!

This was a fun observation activity.  

You should give it a try.

If not for the science, for the quiet play that will follow after you sneak away!


Phyllis said...

That looks like such a fun experiment...something they would play with all afternoon.

Tara Ball said...

I love your science posts! Sophia loves science so I'm always trying to think of different ones to do. I was thinking Who Sank the boat? by Pamela Allen would go well with this one. Have a good weekend!

Ticia said...

Your school uniform looks like some of ours.

We need to sit down and do this sometime.