And he's off!

*warning - my little drummer girl is in full rock mode during this video*

Just 4 days shy of 19 Months, Gabriel has decided to join the Walking Club.

And weighing in at 24 pounds, it's just in time to save my back.

I thought he would never take more then 5 steps at a time, but just like everyone told me, he just woke up last Wednesday and decided crawling was for the birds.
He is just so stinking proud of himself!

He's already chasing Josie and making her cry by taking her toys.

He's wasting no time paying her back for the last 18 Months of her doing the same to him.

And although I'm a tad bit biased, he is the cutest little official toddler I've ever seen!

Way to go Gabriel!


Amy said...

way to go baby!

Coastalpines said...

He is so stinkin' cute! Congratulations on this milestone mommy!

Foster Mamma said...

Super cute - and the drum sound track is perfect. :)


MyLinda said...

Yay Gabe! I can see the proud on his cute little face!

Crystal said...

Way to go, Gabriel! His smile is adorable!