I Must Love Him

Last Tuesday, Andrew and I got a sitter for the day and he took me down to South Georgia for a Date Day.

10 hours of uninturupted adult time.


But it wasn't exactly a normal date.

My husband took me to a butcher.

Andrew's helping set up a marketing plan for a great new company, Angus Best.

They are selling fresh, local meat and trying out different ways to use the packs as a fundraiser for non-profits.

When Andrew first teamed up with Angus Best we knew the very first thing on our list was to update the website.

And what's a website without pictures?

So Andrew contracted me out to take some pictures of meat.

Strangest photo shoot ever.

It felt super weird to stage meat, but was extremely easier then taking pictures of kids!

I laughed every time I glanced up from my camera and saw my techie husband, wearing his suit, with his Apple Laptop in hand, in the middle of a butcher in South Georgia.

Fish out of water.

He takes his job very seriously!

We looked like City People which is funny since I thought we lived in the Country!

As apprehensive as I was, the day was actually really fun and educational.

I tried to be brave and go into the slaughter house, but I just couldn't stomach it.  

Turns out I'm a little more City then I thought!

And to counteract my Date Day in the butcher, Andrew surprised me with tickets to see Wicked next month!

We went a few years ago and it is still my absolute favorite soundtrack of all time.

Life with Andrew is always interesting!


MyLinda said...

That is the worst date I've ever heard of lol!!