Georgia is having some strange weather.  

Hot, Cold, Rainy, Hot, Chilly.

Wednesday - Book Club

Striped Tank - Target
Black Shorts - Banana Republic
Brown Belt - Gap

Thursday - Ballet

White Tank - Target
Striped Tank - Amy's Cast Off (American Eagle)
Shorts - Ann Taylor Loft

Saturday - Serenbe May Day Festival

Dress - Forever 21

Monday - Dinner @ Darlene's

Best Sweatshirt EVER - Old Navy
Grey Tank - Target
Weird Pants - Target

Just keeping it real.  It was rainy and I felt like a bum so I dressed like one.

Tuesday - Play Group w/ My Crazies

White T - Gap
Cardigan - Target
Jeans - Gap
Necklace - Premier 


The Stairs Family said...

I swear youve never worn the same thing twice!!! Your closet must be gigantic!

Jami said...

sounds like you're having So Cal weather! I love that dress!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I always love your outfits because they are totally what I would wear (& sometimes a few pieces have been things I have as well!)

We've had some crazy FL weather this week as well...as in unexpectedly gorgeous & slightly cool compared to last weeks mid 90's already!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that necklaced in the last pic!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

These are all great! Simple, yet totally put together! Even your rainy day outfit. Love :-)

Karri said...

Same kind of weather here, too (well, not hot, but warmish/cold).
Love your style!!!

Amber said...

Wow! That green sweatshirt is BRIGHT!!!! : )

Babymama said...

Stopping by from WIWW.

Looking fab and your story is even more so. LOVE.


Babymama said...

Stopping by from WIWW.

Looking fab and your story is even more so. LOVE.


Christine Siracusa said...

Very cute outfits! I love that necklace in the last pic. the outfit is cute but the necklace kicks it up a notch. well done.

Megan said...

I hopped over here from your What I'm Wearing link.

Our weather has been crazy too. But your outfits are great! Love the dress!

I've got two great giveaways on my blog...you're welcome to come check them out!

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!!! MAN I need my Forever21 back!! Looks great on you!

tracey said...

Love all of these!

tracey said...

Love all of these!

Stacey said...

I wish you lived down the street from me so that I could borrow all of your clothes :)

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

found your blog from pleated poppy...love the outfits and your blog! Read your story...and your little munches are DARLING



Monica Whitney said...

I love finding fellow southern bloggers! Lovin' your blog! Just found it on Pleated Poppy. Now following!

Hope you'll follow back!

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