Earning Her Keep

For over a month, Josie has been begging us to get her the talking Woody Doll.

We bought her the Jesse awhile ago, but she was convinced that Jesse was lonely for Woody.

And as much as she can usually sweet talk Andrew into getting her what she's after, $35 for a floppy toy just wasn't happening.

So we told her that she would have to save up her money if she wanted a Woody Doll.

We counted up her change jar to see how much she still needed and I was totally surprised to find out she only needed $6 more to get the toy!

I paid her a dollar to help me vacuum my car out and Andrew paid her $5 to help give Boomer a bath.

Yeah, he totally exposed my cheapo self.  

Since we love Boomer too much to let a 4 year old attack him with a scissors, Josie was in charge of sweeping during the haircut and then got to really help with the bath.

Speaking of haircuts, did you notice Josie's?!!?

I spontaniously chopped it after her bath.  I love, love, love it!

We're going to let the front grow out just a little but keep the back super short for the Summer.

It's a big job to bathe a 75 pound sack of dog.

When the bath was over, Boomer promptly rolled in the dirt and Josie promptly ran to the car to go get her new toy.

She ended up getting Buzz Lightyear instead of Woody.  Pretty sure she figured out Buzz is 100x louder then Woody.

She worked hard for her Buzz and we are so proud of her!


Beth said...

Way to go Josie! And way to go mom and dad for teaching the value of hard work!

Linda Z said...

So great she's learning to work and save for her desires. Jessie and Buzz belong together. They are very happy at our house, too! :)

MyLinda said...

Love Josie's hair, so cute!

Amber said...

The kid deserves more than $5, Boomer was pretty gross!!! : p