For The Birds

This past week we learned about birds.

We did a ton of stuff so prepare for picture overload.

A few days after I started planning this weeks lessons, we noticed a mess of pine straw in our pool toy bucket.  Turns out a Mama Bird was making herself a little home.

This picture was when she first started making her nest.  Now it's much bigger and has a tiny hole opening that she goes in and out of.  We can't see in, but I'm pretty sure there are some eggs in there.

Our first day we learned about what birds eat then we made Pinecone Bird Feeders.

The ants attacked the feeder.  Sorry birds.

Then she worked on writing her name and the word "bird."

Tuesday we did part one of our stART Project to go with "Are You My Mother."  Josie made balloon birds this day and a bird nest the next day.

She was so determined to get that balloon blown up herself.  She never did get it, but she sure did try!

She also did a few pages of 1+1+1=1's Bird Preschool Pack.

She painted a bird house.

And we made Edible Birds Nests!

We had so much fun this week.  

It was so easy to find fun crafts and we racked up on Bird Books at the Library.

Only a couple more weeks until we start up our Alphabet Summer!


Mandy said...

very cute!

kimmer said...

Oh...the birds...love them! How cool it is that they are making a nest in the toy bucket!!! Hope to see that soon! Good job, Josie, on all your school work!!!