Tadpoles - Science Sunday

I attended my first Homeschooling Conference and I have a jar of tadpoles on my kitchen table.

I feel like an official Homeschool Mom!

Josie found these tiny tadpoles swimming in our fountain yesterday so I told her if she could catch a few, we could watch them grow into baby frogs.

We picked up some books on the Frog Life Cycle at the library and we are anxiously awaiting some leg formation.

This is my favorite kind of learning.  Finding something interesting then learning all we can about it!

The books all say it's a pretty long process so we'll see if I can keep Josie interested or if I just got myself three new mouths to feed!


child central station said...

We are in the process of watching the tadpoles too! My little folks are absolutely loving it! (We are a full week in and they are still glued to the tank!) It is the first thing they run to when they come in the door. Good luck! What a fabulous adventure!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Tadpoles on the table - definitely a homeschooler!

Ticia said...

I think you can get the official card now!

Tadpoles are on my ever growing list of things I want to do someday......