Evolving Motherhood

For as long as I can remember, I've been a Baby Person.

I longed for time with babies.  

If I saw one, I had to hold it.

If I heard one, I wanted to make it smile.

I couldn't wait to have babies of my very own.

I knew I was going to love every second of Mothering my babies.

But to be honest, I wasn't so sure about what I was going to do when they started to grow.

Because I love babies even when they are stinky and drooly and cranky.

But a stinky, sticky, messy, cranky 3 year old? 

Totally not my thing.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up one day and noticed my baby girl was more of a toddler then a baby and I still liked her.

Turned out I was a Baby and a Toddler Person.

Then, in what I'm sure was just the blink of an eye, I looked up and found a tiny little girl where I know I had just left my little diaper butt toddler.

Underpants, bikes, and a big girl bed???

When did that happen?!?!

She went from needing my help with everything to wanting to help me with everything and once again, I was surprised to find out I kinda liked having a constant sidekick.

Now she's four.

She has lost her chubby baby cheeks and uses 80,000 words a day and I can actually understand nearly all of  them.

She can write her name and has her very own strong opinions.

She dances real ballet moves (and can pronounce the french words for them) and tries so very hard to take care of her little brother.

Then, just last week, she accomplished the Ultimate Big Girl Rite Of Passage.

Her First Real Sleepover.

And as much as I thought I wouldn't, I actually loved every second of it.

She's a little lady now.

And you know what?  

I still like her.

A lot.

She's funny and loving and becoming who she's going to be.  And it's awesome to get a front row seat to it all.

So I've decided that Motherhood must evolve.  

Every time a Mother's baby turns a new corner, so does the Mother.

We grow and change and mature together.

Let's just hope this trend carries into her Teen Years too!


Linda Z said...

You are so right... motherhood does have to evolve. There are so many great things about each age. It's so important to live in the moment, and enjoy every minute.

You look like a wonderful baby and toddler mommy! :)

aaron said...


Love you little ladies.

Jessica said...

I am a total baby person too! I have even said that if I could have a baby farm where I raise them until about 4 yrs old and then ship them off i'd have a thousand babies!!! After having all of my 3 kids pass the age that I prefer, I still kinda like them too :)
There are certain ages that are better than others and I 10 percent agree with you that 2's are way better than 3's. Let me tell you though- nothing is worse than 11 so enjoy the next few years because those good memories are what will keep you from killing them later!!

jessica said...

actually, i 100 percent agree with you. which is way more than 10 percent. well, 90 percent more.