Feathered Friends - stART

Last week we did a really fun stART (Story + Art) Project!

We were learning about birds so when I saw this craft over at Mel V's Family Blog I knew Josie would love it and it would fit our theme perfectly.

I picked Are You My Mother by P.D. Eastman as our story.

It's a favorite around these parts.

All you need is a couple balloons, an empty cereal box, and a bunch of random scraps of whatever you can find.

Josie wanted to blow up the balloons herself so I let her try.

And try.  And try.

I won't lie, I enjoyed the quiet!

When she finally gave up, I blew up the balloons (one smaller then the other) and set out all her supplies.

I had a ton of feathers, string, and scraps of foam.

Then I just let her go to town gluing as much on her birds as she wanted.  

She wasn't as excited about the feathers as she was about the string.

She spent so much time glueing that we ran out of time to do our nest so we saved that for the next day.

For the nest all you need are more scraps and an empty box.  We used a Cereal box that I took apart and put back together so the outside was plain.

Then I just gave her free rein again.

She loved this project way more then I thought she would!

She even spent a good bit of time playing with the Mama and Baby Bird acting out the story!

Total success!


Mandy said...

cute :)

Stacey said...

Cute idea... I think I am going to try it with my girls.