May Day Festival

Ever since Andrew took me to Serenbe I've been itching to get back.

I wish I could explain why I love it there so, so much, but I can't.

It's the town of my dreams.

So I was so excited when Andrew was off this Saturday and we were able to go to the May Day Festival at Serenbe!

There wasn't as much for the kids to do as I thought there was going to be, but Andrew had just bought them this really ancient double stroller and they pretty much thought it was the coolest thing ever so they were happy!

Yes, on occasion I feel the need to dress my children in matching outfits.

Pushing the old double stroller was pretty hilarious.  Gabe's seat kept falling back and Josie was almost catapulted out when Andrew ran into holes.

There was a petting zoo.

Josie was obsessed with the baby pigs.

The weather was gorgeous.

We stuffed the kids with good food and just walked all around the community picking out our future house!

It was a great day.

I love my people.


Elizabeth said...

And we love your people too!

Just wish we could see you people and all the other people more too!

Have a great weekend, Nicole!