16 Months

My Tiny Stud is 16 Months Old Today!

The Little Man is into EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

He is loving being outside and makes a mad dash for the door anytime anyone opens it.  He would live outside if I let him.

 Pulling up, Cruising, and Speed Crawling but no walking yet.

He's still very shaky on two legs and pretty much falls over as soon as I let go of him.

I'm hoping for some steps this month.

But for now, it's rolled up toes and lifted feet to get around outside.

That concrete can't feel good on those pretty knees.

Speaking of curled up toes:

I could eat his chubby, wrinkley feet.  

And those curled under toes.

He says, "Hot", "Mama", "Dada", "Ball" and "Bye Bye Paci."

This past week he has perfected the disgusted face.  He gives it freely when he is unpleased with any situation.

His favorite past time?

Throwing a ball.

And by ball, I mean whatever he can get his hands on, lift, and toss across the room.

He just recently overcame his fear of balloons and will now spend endless minutes popping one in the air over and over.

It's adorable.

When he isn't throwing things, he's harassing Josie.

Wherever she is, he's never far behind.

He thinks she hung the moon.

We've already started the, "MOOOMMMM, Gabe's annoying me!!!"

And yes, she says "annoying."

But as much as she pretends she wants him to leave her alone, if he does, she's out tracking him down.

I think they are going to have a blast together this Summer once he's mobile.

And then I'll be seriously outnumbered.

He's finally wearing 12-18 month clothes and even though the Dr. feels he isn't growing quickly enough, I think he's growing too fast.

He had a Cardiologist appointment this week that went pretty well.

As far as his case goes, still nothing new.

We are pretty much just waiting on word about the TPR.  We have court on the 7th, but that's just to extend DFACS custody.

I can't quite get a grip on what I'm feeling about where the case is going.

I'm frustrated and pretty much over it.

It makes me sick that BM would be allowed any more time to get herself together when she's done nothing to show she cares at all about him in the past year.

But that's all old news.  

Of course I'll update as soon as any new information surfaces.  

If you're a Pray-er, we're asking God to make the TPR Process quick, speedy, like any day now.