We're on vacation this week which means I'm spending my days in swimwear.  But every now and then we head somewhere that requires me to actually get dressed.

FRIDAY - Out For Dinner

Black Shirt - Whole Foods
Capris - Target
Shoes - Mom's Closet

SUNDAY - Dinner @ Papa Moose's

Whole Shebang - Ann Taylor Loft

Tan courtesy of the State of Arizona

MONDAY - Shopping

Yellow Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Black Shorts - Banana Republic
Hat - My Mom's Closet

Since Andrew is 1000 miles away, I get to try styles I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like.  Like wearing pig tails and a hat.  I liked it and didn't even have to brush my hair so it was a win!


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! I love how some items say mom's closet. Awesome. And yes, nice tan cough PUNK cough.

Eva said...

OMGosh you are cute! Love the slides in the first pic with little bow on the side. Your hair in a hat with ponytails is a good look!

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

I love all the outfits! so see myself waring them! thanks for sharing!

Kameron said...

Looks like I need to hit up Ann Taylor Loft!!

Crystal said...

Love the shoes from mom's closet! Also yellow is a great color for you!