I am starting to feel the mixed feelings of heading home.

SO excited to see my men, but UNBELIEVABLY sad to leave everyone here. 

But instead of thinking about that, I'll show you some pictures from the most amazing Farmers Market ever.

The Scottsdale Farmers Market sets up every Saturday and puts the Griffin Market to shame.


It's easy to get 5 A Day The Color Way here.

After loading up we headed over to ride the Trolley.

Our driver was certifiably insane.

He spent the entire ride throwing his hands in the air, yelling at the pedestrians, and honking his horn.  

Oh, and telling sweet old ladies they would just have to walk since where they wanted to go wasn't a designated stop.

Pretty sure Trolley Driver in a tourist town isn't the job for a grumpy old man!

We got off for lunch and thankfully had a much friendlier driver on our way back.


Amber said...

That does make me sad! : (

Why can't we have something that awesome near us???

Kameron said...

Oh how I can't wait for my garden this year! It's amzing how I miss the frsh veggies that I grow in my own back yard!

Anonymous said...

Keep on and I will be moving to Scottsdale!
Miss you! Amy King

Anonymous said...

I noticed the rhubarb in the picture...I sure do love it, but you just can't get it here in GA:(