Andrew's Daughter

I like to pretend Josie is exactly like me.

Sure she has my sass and says, "Actually" a thousand times a day just like I do, but when it comes down to it, she belongs to Andrew.

Which she proved to me once again when we took her rock climbing at Papago Park.

Last year, she went up the easy way.  This year, Andrew coached her up where she actually had to think about what she was doing and pull herself up.

She was amazing.

If you think she looks proud, you should have seen Andrew's face when she reached the top!

(they are being birds in a birds nest if you didn't figure that one out)

I love watching her conquer things that still scare me out.

And as much as it freaks me out, I hope she climbs mountains and tries a million other things that I wouldn't dream of doing.

And I can't think of a better man to teach her to be fearless.


Elizabeth said...

Aw, such a big girl she is! :)

Crystal said...

1. Love the Froot Loops shirt!
2. Josie looks like she did a great job with the climbing! Her tiny body looks so cute climbing those huge rocks!