Scottsdale Train Park

We have quite a few special visitors in Scottsdale this week that are making Josie a very happy girl.

My cousin, Pearl is here and my Aunt Robbin's little grandsons are finally here too!  

After spending 10 days with us adults, she's pretty excited to play with Cameron and Tanner.

So Tuesday we headed over to the Train Park that everyone kept telling me about.  And, once again, Scottsdale has put Griffin to shame.

This park was amazing!


A Carousel in the middle of a free park?!?!

Rides were $1.

It was a well spent dollar.

There's also a train ride that takes you all over the park a couple times.

Josie insisted on riding in the closed in box car with about 15 rowdy boys.  

I was a tad bit nervous to leave her in there alone, but she came out just fine.

In fact, she told me a boy punched her but it was OK cause she punched him back.

Oh Lord.

We had so much fun!  

After the park we went swimming with her new buds.

Needless to say, she had a pretty good day and slept like a log!


Elizabeth said...

:) Beautiful pictures, Nicole! SO glad y'all are having such a great time!

Crystal said...

The enclosed box car is awesome!