Close To The Top

If you've been around since last year, you may remember my failed attempt to climb Camelback Mountain the last time we were here.

I've been looking forward to this trip for a multitude of reasons, but close to the top of that list?


This years been emotionally tough on me.

Yea, yea.  I don't show it.

But the constant thought of Gabe leaving has pulled at me and left me unable to settle.

It made me question my strength.

Reaching the summit was going to be a victory for me.

A way to somehow prove to myself that I'm tougher then I think I am.

Last year, I let the thought of coming back down keep me from reaching the top.

This year, I was going to make it if it took me all day.

Just a little perspective. 

See my feet (donning my new kicks!)?  

See the steep decline inches away from those feet?

That's what we walked on for 1 out of 2.7 miles.  I tried desperately to block it from my view.

And as much as I want to tell you that I made it to the Summit, I didn't.

The wind kicked up to 35 MPH and we decided a 120 pound lady with zero climbing experience didn't need to be rock climbing that close the the edge with those winds.

We stopped 100 yards from the very tip top.

Not as far as I wanted, but still far enough for me to feel like a Super Star.

Next year, the Summit is mine!


Anonymous said...

You over came last years climb- just like you overcome all the other rough things in life. You. Are. Awesome!

miamihoney said...

You are a Super Star..Summit or not! Stay strong, victory is imminent.

Kameron said...

Great job making it that far! You don't mess with desert wind and high gravely mountains! not a good combo!

Crystal said...

CONGRATS on making it so far up!