Ohh La La!

I bounced between a couple ideas for Josie's 4th Birthday Party before I settled on Fancy Nancy.

She loves things that twirl and sparkle and she loves playing dress up so I knew she'd like it.

But when I found her clipping barettes all over her room at 11 PM because, "That's how Fancy Nancy does it," the theme was set!

I had a lot of fun coming up with the decorations for this one. 

It was difficult for my OCD self to make sure things DIDN'T match, but once I got the hang of it I was good to go.

Her invitations:

Super easy.  Just used up dodads from our craft closet.

This is the first year she is inviting friends that aren't just my friends kids.  So I had a good laugh when I realized I didn't put my phone number or our address or my name anywhere on them!


I decided that the Fancy Girls would be our main decorations so I had to be sure Josie was over the top fancy.

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I just copied Make It And Love It's idea.

First, I made her some Fancy Shoes because everyone knows you need heels to be fancy.

Then a Glass Necklace for her pretty little neck.

And we can't forget Bracelets with Fancy Rosettes.

She needed a Cape to keep her warm.

And every Birthday Princess needs a Crown.

All of this was SO easy to make and CHEAP!

In fact, this was by far her least expensive party!

I usually don't do food at our parties, but since it was a Tea Party we did little finger foods.

Girly Shaped Sandwiches

Fruit With Chocolate Fondue (that's a fancy word for dipping!)

And, per Josie's request, Pastries (that's a fancy word for DONUTS!)

We had two activities.

First, Amy painted the girls nails.

And while the other girls were waiting for their manicures, they made foam crowns!

But the main thing was the Tea Party. 

Oh So Fancy!

The Birthday Girl was on Cloud 9!

And just because I'm proud of Amy and I for fully buying into the theme:

Oh the things we do for our Josie Kat!

Actual Party Pictures Are Posted Here

And A Billion More Here


Michelle said...

What a FABULOUS party! I LOVE Fancy Nancy - hoping I have a girl someday who'll love it just as much as me :-) Thanks for the link in your previous post!

MyLinda said...

What a great party idea! And even better that it was inexpensive, my favorite kind! I'm working on making things for a penguin party right now.

Crystal said...

Her party was awesome!! You did a great job! My daughter (when I actually have one haha!) will be having one of these! You and Amy pulled off those looks with style! :)