Share The Love

So after getting a few emails from readers who were enjoying Josie's School Posts, I'm going to keep doing them. 

Maybe not as picture heavy, but at least I can share the resources I'm using!

This past week our theme was, you guessed it, Valentines Day.

A preschool teacher loves a week with a holiday!

I was able to find a ton of baking projects but had a hard time finding actual learning sheets. 

Until I stumbled across Musings Of Me and OH MY GOODNESS!

I'm pretty sure her Packs can carry us well into Kindergarten!

I printed out her Valentines Pack and we did quite a few of the worksheets.  Josie LOVED it!


Sarah said...

We love that site too, Musings of Me! I like that idea of beans and heart erasers for sorting.

Kind of feeling the same way about the school posts. I love that I will be able to look back at everthing, but not the time involved in taking all the pictures and then posting about it. Thinking simpler would be a perfect fit....

Rose said...

So many cute and fun activities. :-)