What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday - Zumba, Walmart, Book Club

Cardigan - Franchescas
Black Turtleneck - Target
Grey Tank - Target
Jeggings - Target

And because I believe in full disclosure, let me show you the whole shebang:

I went to Zumba before Walmart and Book Club and changed at the gym.  Obviously I forgot my boots. I forgot that I was wearing my tennies until I walked in to Book Club and Amber proceeded to point and laugh.  I believe her exact words were, "I've never seen you look more like a Soccer Mom"
The cardigan, tapered jeans and sneakers do scream minivan driver.

Thursday - Hanging Around The House

Blue and White Tanks - Target
Black Cardigan - Stolen from my Mom
Jeans - Gap

And kudos to me for getting dolled up on a home day.

Friday - Sitting on my butt all day then an impromptu date night

Black Cardigan - Target
White Tank - Target
Skirt - Old Navy
Leggings - Target

Andrew did not approve of this as a Date Night outfit so I did fancy it up before we left but didn't take a picture.  And I brushed my hair.

Saturday - Honestly Can't Remember What I Did

Grey Tank - Target
Black Shirt - Old Navy
Plaid Shirt - Dillards
Jeans - Gap

Sunday - Church & Grocery Store

Yellow Tee - Ann Taylor Loft
White Tank - Target
Jacket - Gap
Jeans - Target
Necklace - Target

Tuesday - Finally Broke Out Of My House (Target & Hobby Lobby)

*I forgot to adjust the ISO.  Opps.*

Grey Cardi - Target
Shirt - Target
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - Target


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...


Jenbug said...

You are so cute!! Love your Sunday outfit :) have a great week!

Amy K said...

Sat & Sun's outfits are super cue. Love the layering!

Paige said...

love love love Saturdays outfit! You made me laugh with the soccer mom/minivan comment!!

Love it!


Kim said...

I thought you had your brown Peter Pan boots? I got mine at Marshalls on clearance. They are a little big, which gives me another excuse for fuzzy socks!