A Whole Lotta Nothing

This week has been pretty non-eventful.

We started the week out with an ice storm that rendered Atlanta immobile and totally shut down.  Sunday, I laughed at the empty grocery stores but the roads did actually get pretty bad.  I did venture out to bring Josie to her Nana's Monday and rode around with Andrew that night to pick up employees who were scared of the ice.

But then we spent the rest of the week just doing a whole lotta nothing.

Days that we don't go anywhere I let Josie dress herself.  

And hair brushing is optional.

She usually comes down with at least 3 shirts on, the top layer backwards, and her polkadot leggings.  I'm sure it would be the Purple Twirly Dress everyday but it's on the top row so she can't reach it.

We did school work everyday and I felt very accomplished.

Lots of train playing and Old Baby had about 10 birthday parties.

Speaking of birthday parties, this little dude is about to have his very first one!

I'm going low key.  

Which is very hard for me!

Just cupcakes and ice cream then out for pizza with friends and family.

His Birth Mother just had the thought on Thursday that his birthday is this week and tried to demand the visit be moved to Friday so she could "celebrate" with him.

I politely told her that he will be spending his birthday with his family and she will have to celebrate at her scheduled visit.


Maybe.  But it's been that kind of week and I'm pretty much done pretending I like the lady.

In other news, Gabe has decided to give pulling up a try.

He hasn't tried getting up on his feet, but if he can get to his knees, that's where you'll find him.

That or in our bathroom trashcan which is a favorite toy of his.

Josie landed a pretty awesome photo shoot with Helmuth Photography this week.

She's wearing Lemon Loves Lime clothes and is pretty excited to wear, "all those wuffles."

I'm loving getting all these awesome pictures of her.  Now I just need to pony up some cash and get some done of the Little Mister.  Our house is looking like a one child house.

And that's about all I've got today.

Maybe this week will be a little more exciting!


kimmer said...

Sweet, sweet little boy is almost one already!!! Time goes so fast! He has grown and changed in so many wonderful ways this year! He is Adorable..with a capitol "A"!!! Please tell him to be watching the mailbox for a special birthday gift from MaeMae and Opa this week!