Week In Reveiw

First things first, as you can see I finally got myself a fancy blog!

It was my present to myself for Gabe's birthday.

I'm a firm believer that parents are the ones who deserve gifts on kids birthdays. 

Aren't we the ones who got them through the year?!?!

Comments are now up under the title of the post.  So don't let that throw you for a loop (Mom!).

This past week wasn't much more exciting then the week before, but it was less tramatic.

It seems like our World is somewhat back to normal and all the accusations have been put to rest.

And I didn't eat entire bags of snacks so something must have gone right!

We started our week with lots of ice and some seriously chilly wind.

Well, serious for Georgia.

And ended the week not needing jackets.

Go figure.

Ahh, chilly peppers hold so still.  No blur in sight.  Thank you lone chilly pepper.

Gabriel turned one on Friday! 

I stuck to my guns and didn't let them switch the visit so we had a fun family day.

Josie had Day 1 of her Lemon Loves Lime photo shoot.

The girl is a natural and I love that she is loving this! 

This was for the Fall line so we have to wait a looonnggg time to get to show the pictures, but Jennie Helmuth is a genius and I am in love with the shots she got.  

How cute are my babies in their footie jammies with their sippie cups and blankies??!?!

They are at such a fun age. 

If only Gabe could control his screeches and Josie could refrain from squeezing Gabe they would be BFF.

Oh, who am I kidding?

They are BFF.  

Josie loves his squeal and Gabe loves being squished!

In other big news, Josie got her last Christmas gift this week!

She's been cooking on a tiny kitchen that we got for her 1st Christmas so this is quite the upgrade!

Now that Gabey's birthday is over, I'm moving on to the next soiree.

Josie wants a Fancy Nancy Tea Party and by golly that's what she's going to get.

I'm pretty excited for this party.  She's only having a few little girls from church over so I'm getting to go all out!

Amber and I have been discussing kids birthday parties at length lately.

Is it just us, or are birthday parties rivaling weddings these days?  Amber hit the nail on the head when she said it's the new way to keep up with the Joness.

Which was evident by the stress and guilt I felt when all I gave Gabe was a few cupcakes.  Not a decoration in sight.

Oh well.  He had fun and I actually got to enjoy the party so I'm satisfied!

This is how Josie eats apples. 

She doesn't want them cut up anymore.


I've taken a liking to fruit and veggies.  They hold still and don't blur.

But pretty soon I'll be able to take pictures this clear of actual humans.

Amber and I are taking a photography class next week AND I ordered a new lens that should help with my low light house.

I guess that will be my gift to myself for getting Josie through the last year.

I finally got around to picking up my 2010 prints.

You know, just a few of my favorites from each month!

I love having actual prints.

I also love a good comparison picture:

Left side is Josie the very first morning she was home.

The right is EXACTLY  3 years later at her Gottcha Day Party this past October.

Same sassy lips.  Same chubby cheeks.

The left one is Andrew's all time favorite of her. 

He says she saying, "yea, I guess this will do!"

And lastly our Big Girl cashed in her allowance for the first time and got to go shopping with her Daddy.

She had saved $5.

Before she left she told me she was going to get a Barbie, a ball, dress up clothes, and an alarm clock for her room.

She came back with a ball and some M&Ms. 

Turns out she didn't like the idea of handing over all of her money! 


kimmer said...

Love the new blog look and thanks for the heads up on where to write my comments...
I am thankful each and every day that you post photos of the worlds most beautiful children. It's so great and makes me feel a bit closer than we actually are.
Your photos are super!!! Love you and miss you!