Feeling The Love


I'm a fan of Valentines Day.

I didn't used to be back in middle school when I was a homely, overweight kid with messed up teeth.


If I wasn't so embarassed of myself, I'd show you pictures. But I'm pretty sure I threw all the evidence of my "awkward years" away.

But braces were good to me and I ended up losing my baby fat. Then when I married my Main Squeeze, I was able to really enjoy the day for Lovebirds.

And now that I have a Mini Valentine, I want to pass all my love on to her!

I saw this activity over at The Idea Room and thought it would be a fun art project to do with Josie.


We talked about the colors and then we painted her little hands.



Then we smooshed them down to make a heart shape.



This wasn't nearly as messy as I convinced myself it was going to be!


And they turned out SO cute!


Josie has quite a few special people that she wants to claim as her Valentines so we made a whole batch of them!



Paige said...

This is an adorable idea!

Amber said...

I might steal this one and do it with Olivia. The grandparents would die over that one!

kimmer said...

YES!!!! The grandparents are hoping to recieve this Valentine!!!! How sweet! I love her little hands!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

This is adorable! I'm going to have to make this with my kids ASAP! I'm your newest follower...by way of Kelly's Korner & your amazing adoption story! I loved all the pictures from the day Josie came in to your life! That was so incredible and having those picture to document it is great!

Sarah said...

Great idea Nicole! Lovin' this for a V-Day craft....